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Womens only in Halle/Saale 2007

Womens only in Halle/Saale am 02. und 03. Juni 2007 mit Sensei Linda Marchant (6.DAN)


Super Sonntag

“Womens only” hierß es an diesem Wochenende im Trainingszentrum Budokan am Florentiner Bogen in der Südstadt. Toll wars! Den sechsten Dan (Schwarzgurt) nennt Linda MARCHANT aus London (re.) ihr Eigen. Den irgendwann selber einmal zu erobern, müssen die charmanten Karatekas aus Halle, Göttingen, Hamburg, München, Berlin und London noch trainieren. Das hieß für die Power-Ladys, bei dem vom Budokan Trainingszentrum organisierten sportlichen Großereignis, zwölf Stunden massiv Angriffs- und Verteidigungsstrategien zu intensivieren und zu verfeinern. „Mit Sicherheit“ eine Wiederholung des „Womens only“ verspricht Organisatorin Jana Nendel.

Sensei Linda Marchant schrieb eine Woche später über dieses Wochenende ...

Womens' Course Halle , Germany
I have been conducting a women's seminar at the Honbu dojo, Elephant & Castle in February annually for the last five years, which has always been well supported by the ladies from Germany . So this year I was invited by Jana Nendel to lead a women's course in her home town of Halle in June and I was very pleased to see 30 women come from all over Germany and three from England.
The course was held in the Budokan, where Jana's partner Jan Stoltz is the instructor. It was a wonderful venue, with a good sized dojo, kitchen and shower facilities that made me feel like we were at home! The Saturday training started at 10:00 and we covered an extended junbi-undo, some moving combinations, bunkai and some kata, finishing at about 17:00 with some wall of death padwork!!
On Saturday night we went out for dinner with about 20 of the participants and we could have been in a medieval castle in England - there were authentic swords and shields adorning the walls and a live jester that was very talented in juggling, magic tricks, dancing with fans and some very macabre storytelling - this was washed down with some Pilsner beer and rough cut bread & dripping (for those who wanted)??!!
Next day training started at 10:00 and we concentrated on sanchin kata and training techniques and then moved onto kicking combinations, partner work and kata. We all ended the day with some final spirit training on the pads.
The weekend really seemed to fly past and after we had said our farewells, Jana's parents treated the English contingent and myself to a wonderful BBQ at their home and we got to sample the local firewater!!
My thanks to Jana and her parents, Jan and all the participants of the gasshuku for their most generous hospitality and all those who worked so hard to make this weekend a success.
I look forward to seeing you either in Bournemouth or in the near future.

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